Corrosion Engineering, Control & Management Services

  • Corrosion Control& Management Services: Cathodic protection services
    Corrosion Control& Management Services: Cathodic protection services

At HORKEY ISL, we carry out corrosion control and management services for the energy and public sectors. Considering the deleterious effects of corrosion, we employ state of the art techniques such as:

  • applying protective coatings and linings,
  • cathodic protection,
  • materials selection,
  • corrosion inhibitors;

To provide the most cost-effective protection for a structure, while also ensuring proper incorporation of corrosion engineering into the engineering design of facilities in the oil and gas and public sectors.

HORKEY ISL can provide the complete range of cathodic protection services.

  • Buried pipeline coating defect survey (DCVG) surveys.
  • Data logging surveys.
  • HDD current density surveys.
  • Coating inspections.
  • Marine vessel electrolysis inspections.
  • Shipping / dry dock inspections.
  • Electrical Interference surveys / Electrolysis / Stray current investigation.
  • Soil Resistivity surveys.
  • Cathodic Protection inspections and surveys.
  • Continuity Testing.
  • H.V. Spark testing of pipeline coatings/ storage tanks for underground service and tank internal coatings.

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